Visual RemoteTech Planner for KSP


RemoteTech is one of the popular mods for Kerbal Space Program. It provides purposes to launch and operate satellites in the space.
Before starting a countdown at the launch pad, how about planning and visualizing the satellite network that you aim at with this web-based planner?
Put needed values into Data input, then hit Calculate or press enter key.

Forum is here and sources are available on github.
Issues, bug reports, contributers are always welcome.
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Use of an autopilot mod such as MechJeb is recommended.
Data of bodies is based on KSP Wiki, RemoteTech manual and metaphor's Delta-V map.

Created by ryohpops, © 2014 - 2015. Forum is here and github repository is here.
Built with AngularJS, Bootstrap and GLYPHICONS Halflings, licensed under MIT License.
RemoteTech and all the antenna/dish names are property of Remote Technologies Group.
KSP, Kerbal Space Program and all the planet/moon names are property of Squad.